Fabiano VenturaI am a professional photographer specialized in environmental topics and in mountain and landscape photography.

I grew up travelling and with a love of nature and have always felt a particularly strong bond with mountains. Over the years I have combined mountaineering, rock climbing and backcountry skiing with my professional activity as a photographer.

Through my work I strive to portray the most extreme and wildest facets of nature, and also to provide documentary evidence of the results of humanity’s interaction with the natural world. What motivates me is a desire to communicate the importance of knowing and respecting nature, not only so we can enjoy its beauty, but also to preserve humans as a species and human civilization.

I have organized and taken part in many scientific, photographic and alpine expeditions, in some of the world’s wildest and most inaccessible places: in 2004 I accompanied the Italian alpine-scientific expedition “K2 2004 – 50 Years Later” as the expedition’s official photographer, reaching a height of 7,000 metres; in 2005 I covered the expedition led by Hans Kammerlander and Karl Unterkircher in Nepal as they attempted to open a new route to the peak of Mount Jasemba (7,352 metres).

Over the years I have worked alongside alpine guides and world famous mountaineers such as Reinhold Messner, Erri De Luca, Stephan Siegrist, Ines Papert, Agostino Da Polenza and Silvio Mondinelli. I have carried out photo assignments in Nepal, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Namibia, Algeria, Utah, Colorado, Georgia and Iceland.

My work has been backed by leading brand names both in the photography sector (Lowepro, Linhof, Nikon, Seitz Roundshot) and in mountain clothing and equipment  (Ferrino, La Sportiva, Mico, Montura). I have collaborated with the Italian Geographical Society since 2002.

My photographs appear in leading national and international news media and in books. In 2003 I was commissioned to create the cover of Italian author Erri De Luca’s book Il Contrario di Uno and I have co-authored the photo book “K2 – the Most Beautiful Pictures of Italian Expeditions from 1909 to Now” as well as having published the photo books “Icelandscapes – Landscapes of Iceland” and “On the Trail of the Glaciers, 1909-2009” and “Caucasus Karakorum – on the Trail of the Glaciers.”

From a technical standpoint I prefer working in large format as this lets me print large format high definition work that gives the viewer the sensation of actually being in the landscape. My work has been exhibited in Rome, Milan, Turin, Biella, Paris and Bolzano at the Messner Mountain Museum in Firmian.

By opting for high definition photographic equipment to take photos of places with a striking visual and emotional impact I am able to produce prints which are ideal both for getting messages across at exhibitions and as elements of interior design.

I organize photographic tours in Italy and other parts of the world as well as workshops on landscape photography in the most striking parts of the Italian Apennines.

Since 2007 I have been working on the large-scale project entitled “On the Trail of the Glaciers.” Through expeditions to the world’s principal mountain chains the project studies the effects of climate change on the planet’s most important glaciers, bringing together photography, historical research and scientific observation.

By comparing archive images with photos taken in modern times and data collected on site, the Project’s International Scientific Committee is able to analyze the state of health of the world’s most important glaciers. This approach offers an incomparable means to measuring climatic conditions and, more importantly, their evolution over time. The initial three expeditions were to Karakorum (2009), the Caucuses (2011), Alaska (2013) and Andes (2016) with all the mission objectives being met, including repeat photography of the archive pictures, GPS referencing of the points from which the photos were shot and glaciological measuring by the researchers on the expedition. All four expeditions produced a considerable body of scientific data as well as photos and film, which have been used in exhibitions, conferences, publications and four television documentaries for international broadcasters (ZDF, Arte, RAI, RTSI, NHK).

I am now focused on organizing the fourth expedition of the series in Himalaya in 2018, to be followed by the last expedition to the Alps in 2020.       


At work

These images describe my on field activities in different parts of the world. This is a very restricted selection to give an idea of my work behind the photographic lens and of the working environment. 

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