Kaukasus Karakorum: On The Trails of the Glaciers

Messner Mountain Museum – Firmian, Bozen (Italy) From March 13th until November 20th 2013

Kaukasus Karakorum: On The Trails of the Glaciers


Exhibition Kaukasus Karakorum This exhibition makes a century-spanning comparison between historical and modern photographs of the Karakorum glaciers, sensitive indicators of the climatic changes our planet is undergoing. The images show the results of the first scientific and photographic expedition “On the Trails of the Glaciers”, which took place in 2009 in the K2 mountains in Karakorum, marking the centenary of the Duca degli Abruzzi’s expedition to these mountains. Accompanied by a team of researchers, Fabiano Ventura, the environmental photographer who initiated the project, followed the trails of the first explorer-photographers of the early 20th century, both to re-capture their images and to carry out scientific investigations. The exhibition aims to use the images’ strong visual impact to focus greater attention on environmental problems, and hopes to stimulate public interest in issues related to climate change and the sustainability of our natural resources in general, most importantly water.


Kaukasus Karakorum: On The Trails of the Glaciers - Catalogue

Glaciers are the white heart of our planet. Revealing the vibrant essence of these gigantic stores of the Earth”s water resources is the objective of the Caucasus Karakorum Exhibition with an approach that is historical, artistic and scientific at the same time. About thirty historical glacier photographs taken on various exhibitions more than a century ago are compared with large-format photographs showing exactly the same views today.

The exhibition is a product of the project organised by Fabiano Ventura called “On the trail of the glaciers”. Together with a team of scientists, the Italian photographer and mountaineer surveyed and photographed the mountains of the Karakorum. In the framework of the project there are plans for further expeditions to the main mountain glaciers of the world. The goal is to gain an overview of the state of the glaciers and future developments with regard to the global climate.

It is hoped that the visual immediacy of the photographs will strengthen the environmental awareness of the visitors to the exhibition and promote public interest in environmental protection and climate change – to benifit of the glaciers, which are critical for the future of mankind as a reservoir for the world”s water reserves.

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