Mitre Peak

The stars are holes from which filters the light of the infinite. Confucius

Pano - Islanda

Nothing is harder than a stone and nothing is softer than water. Yet, soft water hollows out the hard stone. Ovidio


Everything you can imagine, nature has already created. Albert Einstein


This is another comforting aspect of nature: its immense beauty is there for all. No one can think of taking home a sunrise or sunset. Tiziano Terzani

Caucaso - Monte Husba

Enjoy what you look and understand is the most beautiful gift of nature. Albert Einstein

Baltor Pano da vetta Terzano

This world is indeed a living being provided with soul and intelligence ... a single visible living being, containing all other living beings, all being congeners for their own nature. Platone

Alaska - Lamplug

To forget how to dig the earth and take care of the soil is to forget ourselves. Gandhi

Alaska – Lamplug

In all things of nature there is something marvelous. Aristotle


The mountains are always generous. They offer me unique sunrises and sunsets; the silence is broken only by the sounds of nature that make it even more alive. tiziano Terzani


The forest is a body of boundless generosity who does not ask anything to men: it protects all living beings, and offers its shadow to men who destroy it. Buddha


Fabiano Ventura’s pictures on show at Lumen

Fabiano Ventura’s pictures on show at Lumen

Today the LUMEN mountain photography museum of Plan de Corones in South Tyrol is now open to the public. It also hosts an exhibition created with Fabiano Ventura's images.

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Epson Calendar 2019: The Vernissage in Milan

Epson Calendar 2019: The Vernissage in Milan

Per il Calendario 2019, Epson ha scelto le fotografie di Fabiano Ventura che ritraggono i ghiacciai montani più importanti della Terra.

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Over 2000 visitors to the exhibition “On the trail of the glaciers” in Genova. Many young people and students

Over 2000 visitors to the exhibition “On the trail of the glaciers” in Genova. Many young people and students

1200 studenti e 800 visitatori per un totale di circa 2000 persone. E’ questo il numero di visite collezionato dalla mostra Sulle tracce dei ghiacciai esposta al Festival della Scienza di Genova che ha chiuso i battenti domenica scorsa.

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About me

Fabiano Ventura

Fabiano Ventura is a landscape photographer specialising in environmental issues for over 20 years.

Founder and president of the non-profit association Macromicro since 2009

Creator and director of the photographic-scientific project “On the Trail of the Glaciers” 2009-2021

After having participated in numerous scientific, photographic and mountaineering expeditions to the most fascinating and remote places on Earth, since 2007 he has been involved in the project “On the Trails of the Glaciers”.

His sensitivity towards the problem of climate change has led him to focus much of his activity on communicating the urgency of this phenomenon to the public. In collaboration with a team of researchers, filmmakers and communicators, he photographed the transformations of the largest mountain glaciers on the planet. He disseminates the results of his work through exhibitions, documentaries, conferences and educational programmes.

He exhibited his projects in numerous Italian and international venues, including the Triennale in Milan, the Klima Arena in Sinsheim, the Lumen Museum in Plan de Corones, the Pigorini Museum in Rome, the Messner Mountain Museum in Bolzano.

In 2020, he curated for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation the exhibition “Italian Routes – Mountains, Mountaineering, Climate Change”, exhibited in numerous international venues (Museum of Fine Arts in Ho Chi Minh City, Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi, ICE in Seoul, Ben Gurion University in Tel Aviv, Zeughaus-Areal in Zurich, Ioseb Grishashwill​ Museum di Tblisi, Museum of Fine Arts di Tirana) and touring until 2024 in Europe and America.